How MMDS Is Different

The mobile x-ray industry is measured by four categories: response time (the time it takes to arrive to the patient); turnaround time (the time it takes to receive a final report); quality (the clarity of the studies, the scope and breadth of the reports, and the expertise of the radiologists); and price (for services rendered to fee for service clients or Skilled, Part A, and PPS patients).

Response Time: MMDS of Boston exercises discipline in remaining within its geographical proximity. To ensure that our existing customers are within minutes of our office/service, we will not travel outside of our designated service area . We have four convenient dispatch offices throughout Massachusetts to ensure comprehensive service coverage.

Turnaround Time: MMDS of Boston is the only mobile x-ray company offering a 60 minute turnaround time to its clients. That is, by the time we transmit the study (from your facility), clients will receive a faxed, final report within 60 minutes.

Quality: Developed in 2001, MMDS of Boston uses patent-pending, state-of-the-art technology which allows us to perform, develop, digitize, and transmit the x-ray from our mobile labs before leaving the premises. This allows us to ensure the quality of the study without having to travel away from your facility. Our radiologists are all domestic, state-licensed and Board-Certified. There are no students or residents used.

Price: MMDS of Boston is prepared to beat or match any existing contracted rate.

Convenience: Clients, physicians, and clinicians can log into our PACS system to view images, results, and run productivity reports.